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Give a 50% off coupon to your friends.

Invite as many friends as you wish via

email or social media.

Receive a $20 coupon for each friend

that makes a purchase.

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Instructions for Sharing with a Friend


Sign-up for, or log in to your store account at the top of this page.

Open the "Healing the Earth Rewards" panel on the bottom left of our website.

Scroll down within the panel to

"Refer a Friend". There you'll find your unique referral code.

Share your unique referral code using the links for Facebook, Twitter, or send it with your email account.


To share with  your email account, copy the code by clicking the rectangle to the right of the code. Paste that code into your own email program. Send it to as many people as you like.

Write your own message to friends or use  our suggested text below, which includes:  


  • An explanation of the most effective way to take the tincture, and find your optimal dose. 

  • An explanation of the alcohol tincture compared to the oil based tinctures 

  • An explanation of how to use the 50% off discount code


For every friend who places an order, you will receive 2000 points (equal to $20). Use the points for discounts on your own purchases. Track your points in the "Healing the Earth Rewards" panel, and view your coupons in "Ways to Earn".

Copy/Paste Options for Email to Friends

How to take CBD MENDO Tincture: The most effective way to take the tincture is on top of the tongue. The cannabinoids are in full solution and will be carried with the alcohol through the capillaries in the tongue into the bloodstream and directly to the endocannabinoid system.


Taking the tincture under the tongue is not desirable because that area is too sensitive for the alcohol solution. 

CBD MENDO tincture is standardized at 10mg/ml. One half dropper full, taken one drop at a time is an effective dose in many cases. If a stronger effect is needed, it is much more effective to take this dose frequently rather than to take a larger dose all at the same time.

CBD MENDO Compared to oil based products

Oil based products are only slightly permeable to the bloodstream. Most of the cannabinoids end up having to be digested and so  it does not act as quickly and a lot of the benefit is lost.


How to Use the 50% off Coupon

Important: Make sure to place your first order with the 50% off discount code before joining our newsletter or becoming a member of our site.


Click "Accept Offer" on the email you received. It will open a new window to, and the HEALING THE EARTH REWARDS panel will pop up.


 Copy the link in the panel and add it as a code at checkout. You will also receive an email with this same code so you can use it when you are ready to make your first purchase.

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