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Healing the Earth

Our mission,

“Healing the Earth and Ourselves One Drop at a Time”

goes beyond producing excellent CBD tincture. One of the ways we contribute to healing the earth is to support small-family farms that create healthy,

life-giving soil for generations to come.

With our new rewards program you can share discounts with friends, earn coupons for your own purchases, and donate to small farms.



Share with a Friend

Share a unique referral code with your friends. They get a

50% off coupon, and you get

2000 Earth Points when they make a purchase.

Click here for instructions.

Earn Coupons Towards Your Next Purchase

500 Points = $5 Coupon

1000 Points = $10 Coupon

2000 Points = $20 Coupon

6000 Points = $60 Coupon

10,000 Points = $100 Coupon

*See rewards panel for minimum purchase amounts


Help fund the farmers that

are furthering our mission.

Make donations in increments of 2000 POINTS

2000 POINTS = $10 Donation


We are working on a list of regenerative, biodynamic, and select organic family farms, and we are open to your suggestions. Email us at

Give a Gift Certificate

Use your points to purchase a gift certificate for a friend or family member. Email us info@cbdmendo to set one up.


Earn Points on
Social Media

"Like" CBD MENDO on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to earn points towards your next reward.

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