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Lane Creek Hemp farm with hemp grown outdoors in the sun. Mountains and blue sky in the back ground.

Lane Creek Hemp Co.

Lane Creek Hemp Co. is family-owned and operated in the Rogue Valley Oregon. They are the winner of the 2019 Regenerative Farming award, DemPURE Certified, and recently USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

Using farming practices like Hugelkultur, companion planting, and animal fertility, Lane Creek is committed to supporting biodiversity and rejuvenating the land back to what it once was. They understand the importance of creating a polyculture where diverse plant species work in collaboration with one another to achieve their highest potential as food and medicine.

Not only are Lane Creek’s cultivation practices exemplary, but their drying and curing are as well. The hemp is dried 6-8 weeks in perfect conditions (as opposed to 1-2 two weeks of “flash drying”), allowing all the beneficial plant compounds to remain intact.

Our mission, “Healing the Earth and Ourselves One Drop at a Time” calls for a commitment to the small family farm model supported in a way that permits the kind of attention required to build fertility and create the highest standard hemp on the market while allowing the farmer a good standard of living. Our collaboration with Lane Creek is an integral part of who we are.

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