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Nov 13, 2021
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I have been using CBD Mendo for years now and love it. I have many friends using it too. I use it for overall health and well being, or even when I get too much of a buzz off caffeine it settles my system. One friend of mine takes it for her Essential Tremor disease - she is 84 and takes a prescription med for it. But her handwriting was really shaky and I suggested the CBD Mendo. She tried it and her handwriting improved immensely so she continues to take it. I don't know of any other whole plant, alcohol tincture out there - especially with the herb grown the way Lane Farm grows it. This is old school medicine and when I take herbal remedies I always look for whole plant/alcohol based tinctures for the best assimilation of the herb. I love the unflavored and my friend loves the Lemon!
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