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It is our philosophy that it is essential for us as human beings to help create and preserve the soil and to assist it through proper agriculture to create new life.  

This stewardship is a way for us to participate in a positive and meaningful way in the miraculous planet that is Earth.  It is a source of fulfillment and joy. Read more

Healing the Earth and Ourselves One Drop at a Time

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CBD MENDO is a true tincture that combines the centuries-old practice of direct alcohol infusion with modern micronizing nanotechnology. The result is the fastest acting, most bioavailable, and economical hemp delivery system on the market. Taken directly on top of the tongue, our tincture enters the bloodstream instantly, passes the blood-brain barrier, and delivers 100% of the beneficial constituents.

Available in four flavors, using certified organic essential oils. 

We Support Regenerative Farming

We use only the highest quality hemp sourced 

exclusively from Lane Creek Hemp Co., winner of the 2019 Regenerative Farming Award


We are a family business dedicated to making the best hemp product while supporting regenerative agriculture.

We take pride in creating the most effective and economical CBD tincture on the market made with premium hemp and certified organic ingredients.

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