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        CBD MENDO is a true tincture which combines traditional alcohol tincture methods with modern micronizing technology.

The result is the fastest acting, most bioavailable, and economical CBD Tincture on the market.

        Taken directly on top of the tongue, our tincture enters the bloodstream instantly, passes the blood-brain barrier, and delivers 100% of the beneficial plant compounds. 

Wildcrafted Sugar Pine and Douglas Fir needles
CBGa and CBDa
We Support Regenerative Farming
We use only the highest quality hemp sourced 
exclusively from Lane Creek Hemp Co., winner of the 2019 Regenerative Farming Award
We are a family business dedicated to making the best hemp product while supporting regenerative agriculture.
pretty product shot with white flowers.j

We take pride in creating the most effective and economical CBD tincture on the market made with premium hemp and certified organic ingredients.

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