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Susan Romanyk
Nov 15, 2021
In Share Your Experience Here
When my husband was recovering from Open Heart surgery, he mentioned to me that he was getting into a "dark head space" (depression is very common when recovering from OHS). I did some research, found CBD Mendo had the best profile and luckily found it at my local health food store (they recommended it also). Within about 3 days of him taking it, I heard my husband laugh for the first time in two months. He was himself for about 6 weeks, and then he got very down again. I asked him if he was still taking his CBD and he said, "Oh, I ran out about a week ago." I raced back to the store and got him a 2 month supply and he never had a down day again. Now, I am dealing with lymphoma. I felt myself getting weird feelings of despair (very unlike me), so I had some CBD Mendo left over from before, so I started using it. Within a hour of taking it, I felt just "normal" again. Just very even and balanced. It is so subtle you almost do not notice the improvement. I find your product amazingly effective. Thank you.

Susan Romanyk

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